You Are Special

 July 2017

Max Lucado is a preacher and author with the gift of storytelling.  As an intern, I was gifted with a book from Max Lucado titled, “You Are Special”.  The story is that of a woodcarver who makes small wooden people called Wemmicks.  Each of them are different and each have boxes of stickers that consist of stars and dots.  When the Wemmicks see others with gifts, talents, skills, and beauty, they place a star on them.  However, when they encounter ordinary Wemmicks or ones with scratches or defects, they present a dot.  All Wemmicks are covered with stars and dots except for one, named Lucia, who has no stickers.  The Wemmick, who is covered with dots, asks why she has no stickers, to which Lucia replies, they don’t stick to me.  She goes on to say that the time she spends with the woodcarver is the reason the stickers do not attach to her.  The Wemmick with the dots is surprised that Lucia even went to the woodcarver and did not understand it is even an option.


Max writes the book to reveal that the time we spend with God will determine whether or not the stickers people place on us will remain or simply fall off.  Furthermore, being special is not a function of what we can do or how we look, but rather the outcome of understanding ‘who we are’ in relationship with our gracious God.  God makes us each special and gifts us uniquely, not in ways the world sees, but in ways the Spirit chooses for the good of all.


What gift can we offer and what special quality can we see in others?  Imagine what we can learn from a stranger and what benefits will come when we take a chance.  Consider the neighbor who is waiting to hear from us, so they can become free of the weight and the burden of their stickers.    God’s peace and blessings dear friends, Pastor tony.   


Lucado, Max, and Sergio Martinez. 2015. You are special. Oxford: Candle Books.