We Are Family

 Apri 2017

We hear often that we are the Body of Christ and members of one holy catholic and apostolic church.  Furthermore, as children of the same Heavenly Father, we are also brothers and sister to Jesus Christ.  In other words, we are family!  Our collective family is no different from the family ties and dynamics we share on the smaller scale within our homes.  And while we will always encounter challenges and difficulty, there is nothing we would not do for one another.  This is because love is at the heart of our relationship and where love exists, all things are possible.


Our church family reflects a deep love and concern for each other in our words and actions.  We come together to laugh, cry, celebrate, and plan, and in doing so we strengthen our bonds with each other.  As our bonds grow, we also learn to rely upon each other when our personal issues and trials become too much to bear alone.  Like all families, we pull together, provide love and support, and endure all things through Jesus Christ, who promises to both provide for and remain among us until the end of the age.


Where is the Easter message here?  In all things, the gift of Jesus Christ, His death for our sins, and the promise of His resurrection reveal the true family we belong to.  God’s love for us came first, when we were sinners, and as our Father, He did what was necessary to restore our place in His family.


May God continue to bless our church family and our church home as we give thanks for the many hands that help us remain faithful stewards of the gifts we are given?  We give as we are able, we serve as we are called, and we support as we are needed.  The collective gifts of our family provide for both our needs and wants of our church, which glorifies God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.