For Everything There Is A Season

 March 2017

In my first year in Greensboro, I have witnessed summer, fall, and winter.  The winter was beautiful with over 12 inches of snow in a single event.  In five days the snow had disappeared completely and winter became a few cold nights and chilly days.  Now the trees are pushing forth leaves and flowers are beginning to open revealing the promise of spring and the restoration of green in the landscape.


“For everything there is a season,” states the author of Ecclesiastics who searches for meaning to life and for understanding why bad things happen.  These are great questions to ask and can lead to a lifetime of study.  Furthermore, they can call people to action and advocacy in small and large scale.  And yet, the author also advises us to live in the present, to accept the gifts of God that are before us now, and offer our thanks and praise to God.


As we enter into the season of Lent, may we not question life’s biggest issues.  Rather let us acknowledge the gifts of God that provide us with happiness and peace: time with family, time with friends, time in worship, and time in prayer.  God alone grants meaning to our life and offers to fill each of us with the Holy Spirit.  This is where our joy resides and our hope remains.


At the flowers bloom, as the temperatures warm, and as the days lengthen, may you see and enjoy the blessings of our good and gracious God.  Take time to enjoy that which will never fade away and let go of the thoughts that can only result in “chasing the wind”.  For everything there is a season; and today dear friends is the day to Lord has made….for you and me.  Rejoice and give thanks.    In Christ, Pr. Tony