God's Heart is Endless

 February 2017

In the month of February, we most often think of hearts and love.  Children form memories that include playful cards and candy hearts.  As we grow older, our expression at Valentines Day also takes on a new form with gifts of flowers and chocolate candy (which hopefully contains a guide that identifies the chocolates).  Regardless of our age, when we express our love for one another through our words and actions we reveal the character and content of our heart.  Sincere and genuine love will always find expression and will always be recognized for what it is.


Because we are created in God’s image, God also reveals the character and content of His heart through His Word and His Spirit (His action).  God’s heart is the pure, complete, and holy love that endures all things for our sake.  God’s heart is the endless mercy and compassion for His beloved Church of which we all belong.  God’s heart is the eternal life, comfort, and care for all people who love Him.


As we enter into a month where hearts symbolize our thoughts and gifts, may we also remember to express our words.  Our hearts reflect our love for one another, and our hearts speak the words of love, compassion, and care for each other. 


Express your love for each other by saying from your heart, “I love you.”

Recognize God’s love in your heart by saying, “I love you, Lord.”


In love through Christ our Lord, Pastor Tony