God Uses Our Unique Gifts

 January 2017

The Season of Christmas ushers in the Season of Epiphany: the time when the Lord Jesus Christ is revealed to the people of God.  Epiphany is a season that continues (without pause) to the present day as God continues to reveal His Son to new believers.  Together with our Lord, we are at the heart of this work.  God calls each of us to participate in making new disciples in every part of the world and in every time.  As church memberships and budgets wane over time we remember that God’s work is not done and our participation is paramount in the communities we serve.  Now is the time for action, but we do not proceed without a plan.


As we enter a new year together with the promises of God, we look for the revelation of the Spirit’s plans for us.  We ask God to reveal our direction, new ideas, and the resources to do the work that is placed before us.  In turn, our gracious God uses our unique gifts, talents, and personalities to collectively engage with Him.  God has blessed us all richly so through Him, we may be a blessing to those we meet.  The result is accomplishing the work of the church for the sake of all that God has created.  We proceed in faith, trusting in the Lord to sustain us, and all we do, to the glory of God.


May God continue to bless us and our church:  20-C-B-M-17