Love Your Neighbor

 October 2016

Being what God wants us to be.  God gives us a new commandment; love your neighbor as yourself.  God calls us to love one another as we are first loved.  We do this by relying on the Spirit to be our guide, our words, and our actions…and we proceed in faith. 

And still, God calls upon us to take care of ourselves in a similar manner, but this time not by doing, but by allowing God to provide and care for us.  God wants us to depend upon Him, not our own means.  Many of the battles and fears we face we do so unnecessarily. 

God has conquered every stumbling block in our way to eternal life with Him; what else should trouble us then?  We have the gift of salvation and the Holy Spirit given to us.  We need only to allow God to be the God of our life and provide for all we require.  

We need only to let go of our fears and struggles and praise the Lord for all He has done.  In doing so, we are given the comfort and peace knowing that God never ceases caring for us; like a mother hen who gathers her chicks under her wing.  God is good in all things…Thanks be to God!