Abundant Blessings

 August 2016

My family and I have now been with you, and among you, in our new life together for a little more than a month.  Whenever we encounter change we will certainly also meet challenges and blessings.  How we view these opportunities can also determine if we will face stress or peace as a result.  We all hope for peace, and for good reason; peace has been promised in the end.  But for this time and place there is much more work to do.  And still, this does not mean we cannot live in the peace that God generously grants to us through Jesus Christ.


In my short time with you I have seen challenges and I have seen abundant blessings in the words, actions, and deeds, of Christ Lutheran Church.  For this and so much more, we give thanks to God alone and to whom all glory belongs.   To recognize the challenges and the blessings is to know what is ours to act upon and what remains God’s to act upon.


When we act upon our blessings, we acknowledge that all good gifts come from God and we offer our thanks and praise. (c.f. James 1:17)  The challenges and opportunities we face remain God’s to act upon.  When we feel the stress of change, the fear of the unknown, and the pressure of the unsolvable, we are given the faith to allow God to take action.  Through our prayers, in the full confidence of God’s faithfulness to us, we allow God to take action through the lives, contributions, and resources of His people.  When God takes action, our challenges become blessings to experience and leads to the peace and comfort of knowing that God has us in His precious care.  Now and forever.