All Things Are Possible Thru God

 July 2016

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

My family and I are both humbled and honored by the welcome we are receiving by members of Christ Lutheran Church congregation and our community.  After a physically and mentally exhausting move of a home in Florida to a home in North Carolina, we found rest, comfort, and peace in the outpouring of generosity and love in people who shared the challenges we faced.  When we were overwhelmed with work, people came to help. When we became hungry, food showed up in abundance. When we were tired, rest and renewal came so we could continue another day.  


After only one week the change is noticeable and impressive, which reminds us that when we are alone, things can become impossible. However, when we come together as the Body of Christ and love is at the heart of our actions, nothing is impossible because of God. As a church family who functions in the context of love for one another, nothing will be impossible as we participate in God’s will.


May we always share and reflect the love that God has for all people and all creation, through Jesus Christ our Lord who strengthens us for service.

Pastor Tony