A Life In Bloom

 May 2018

A Life in Bloom
Dear friends in Christ, as we encounter another spring we also experience the spectrum of colors that appear in flowering trees, shrubs, and a host of bulbs, annuals, and perennials.  The flowers are like a gift to us each spring after enduring the cold and barren winter.  When the time is right, life comes forth as temperatures warm; and life comes forth in abundance.
Each flower we see has a special and a unique purpose in the life cycle of the plant; it is the means by which life is propagated; the means by which life is handed down to another season.  But the flower itself cannot do everything alone; it must have the help of others in the natural world to fully achieve its full potential.  Each flower must be pollinated with the help of bees, insects, the wind and especially other flowers.
Life in nature must participate together much like our lives must participate together for our mutual prosperity and survival.  You see, you are the flowers of our current generation and your life in Christ, with the help of others, will pass down the tradition of faith to another season of life; another generation.
Life is meant to be vibrant, colorful, and abundant; this is how God designed life and why there is a spectrum of diversity in the lives we encounter.  Give thanks for the flowers and the lives you greet today and help one another pass down the tradition of faith that God has given us all through Jesus Christ our Lord.
In closing, know that many give thanks for the beauty and color you add to the world and to the lives around you.  You are the flower-in-bloom that brightens the day and reveals the true nature of Christ within you, all to the glory of God our Father.  Thank you and God bless you for being uniquely and beautifully; you!
~Pastor Tony