It's Payback Time

 August 2018

Simply put, “It’s payback time.”

As I reflect upon a message to share, I am reminded that like many in our congregation, I too am in the second half of my life. Richard Rohr states that we accumulate items in the first half of our life with the hope they will sustain us in the later stages of life. What we accumulate in life will vary from health and possessions to relationships and memories. A healthy and diversified balance of ‘accumulated’ elements can lead to a lifestyle that will allow us to payback the gifts and blessings we have first been given.

The gifts and blessings we have first been given… where did they come from? Yes, all gifts and blessings come from God, and many of the gifts we receive come from God through people. Individuals like; gifted teachers, beloved parents, gracious coworkers, neighbors, friends, family members, acquaintances, and by all means even the complete stranger who extends an act of kindness that stays on our mind.

To give back even a portion of the many ‘accumulated’ gifts and blessings we have gathered in our life is to share and pass-along our thanks to those who have guided our footsteps, hands, and hearts along the pathway of ‘life-together’. To payback others for the grace we have been given is a testament to the blessing that God gave to Abraham, “You have been blessed to be a blessing.”
As we move into payback mode in our lives we begin to experience the simple lifestyle that reflects our Christian identity and reveals the eternal love of God we have accumulated through Jesus Christ our Lord. Dear Lord, “may we live simply, so that others can simply live.” ~

Pr Tony
Rohr, Richard, Yes and… daily meditations Elizabeth Seton