October 2018

Opportunities continue to arise; what we do with them is both our choice and our challenge. We can embrace opportunities as the means to grow; meaning we can get hurt, fail, and eventually learn new ways to endure. Likewise, we can ignore opportunities and proceed in a manner that is safe, cautious, and calculated for the sake of our well being, comfort, and peace of mind. Which is right and which is wrong is a matter of perspective and not to be forced upon anyone.

However, the real opportunity is our responsibility and accountability for the gifts and the blessings we have been given for the sake of doing the work and the tasks that have been placed before us by our Lord. God equips all people for the work He calls them to do. When we do not have all the tools, there are others close by that will be the means by which the work is accomplished. Put another way, we cannot all be brain surgeons or lawyers, we cannot all be teachers or police, but put together, with God’s help and guidance we can accomplish a better ‘life-together’ for all people than for a select few.

What opportunity we truly have is to offer our Lord the best we have each day and to not look back at whether or not ‘we’ were successful. God alone is the successful One and the Provider of all that is needed. Our path lies ahead and not behind; we focus on what our task is before us today and we make today the best day possible for our brothers and sisters, our neighbors and friends, and the strangers and visitors we will encounter today. These are not just words my friends, this is life; life-together.

The words above were epitomized in my recent move to a new address and home where new neighbors greeted me in the most caring way; far different and more neighborly of any home/place we ever lived in. Additionally, the caring members of our church provided all the means, support, and compassion to see us through the challenges, the disappointment, and yes success of establishing a new home for a family to[again] take root. But all these efforts were not for the sake of a single family, but for a family that serves alongside each of you as workers in the Kingdom of our good and gracious God; a kingdom that is open and welcoming to all.
Our opportunity continues to remain the task of sharing our faith with the world for the sake of all that belongs to our Heavenly Father. May we do our best for Him today and leave both tomorrow and the past to His good keeping.

~ Pastor Tony