What's Happening When Nothing Is Happening?

 December 2018


My dear friends in Christ; too often in life we question why nothing is happening when we pray, when we use faith to guide our decisions, and when we use everything we believe in “hope and expect” for things to change. Then, nothing happens. We wait. Our faith is tested, our hope is stressed, and our very prayers are challenged to the point that we “think”…nothing is happening.

Rest assured, God hears EVERY prayer offered to Him and every hope expressed for relief from pain, sorrow, suffering, challenge, and just plain questions and direction. God cares and God participates in our lives to the fullest extent possible; BUT not to the fullest extent of our understanding. God listens, watches, plans, and prepares the events, people, and places for prayers to be answered…especially when we see (or think) nothing is happening.

God is not within our understanding and His love is beyond our comprehension; His love is THAT complete, absolute, pure, and eternal. My friends, God did not craft every event we would experience in advance. He designed our relationship to be unique and special. God participates in our life as we live it and He guides, prepares, and plans for the needs we will encounter in the future.
God is GOOD my friends. At His very heart and essence, He has YOU in the very best of His care; even when nothing is happening. God has your eternal future and protection in His plans that reveals, the challenges we face, today “will” pass; and the love of God will remain forever.

Your faith is sufficient for today and the generous company of faithful servants around you will provide and sustain you when your faith is tested, your hope is stressed, and your prayers are challenged. Because; God has you in His precious keeping and is making plans for each of us; even when we think… nothing is happening.

God’s peace, blessings and tender mercies in abundance to you in Christ,
~ Pr tony