Backyard Blessings

 February 2019


Friends, our blessings, gifts, and greatest treasure are often right in our backyard. Yes, God is that good to us… but the question is, can we see it? My sincere appreciation and thanks to Anna Rognlie who adorned the church office with the 'floral sprays’pictured below; all of which were clipped from our church property. Their beauty reminds me of the treasure within our church and the value we each bring to our community.

We (CLC) are the backyard of so many people in Greensboro, and I pray that God might allow us opportunities (and provide us the courage and strength) to make their lives more beautiful through Jesus Christ our Lord.

God really does care, love, and support us to make a difference in the world! He grants us gifts and blessings, friends and relationships, thoughts and ideas….ALL IN OUR BACKYARD to make life better for our neighbors and ourselves Trust your Lord and allow your faith to guide your steps to decorate Greensboro and the neighborhood around you with the love and light of Christ in your life.

~ Pastor Tony