A Tree in the Woods

 March 2019


This time of year is transitional changing. It is a time when the final effects of winter are beginning to fade and the promise of spring is revealed in the new leaves, blossoms, and colors of life.

However, before we see the lush green and magnificent landscape of our Greensboro home, we have another opportunity to see how God uses nature to reinforce the truth within His Holy Word. It is an image that begins with the trees before they push forth leaves of a new year.

Close to where I live, there is a stand of very tall trees. Their structure has little bulk or horizontal growth; rather considerable height with most of the leaves forming around the top of the tree. Smaller tree that are growing up around the mature trees struggle for the sunlight and also grow vertically faster than they bush out.

And still, when the winds blow and the storms come; the tall stand of trees, ‘together’ help to strengthen the entire forest by supporting other tall trees and offering protection for the smaller trees. When the breeze is light, it is a gift and a blessing to see all these magnificent plants moving with one another in a harmonious dance… all to the glory of God.

And so there is both a meaning and message for us can be found in recent Scripture readings where Paul tells us that we are one body with many members; members that compliment and care for each other. Like the stand of trees, we have the strong, sturdy, and steadfast members that support others who struggle in times of crisis, strife, and even loss.

We stand in community and life-together with one another for the sake of all that God has created and we endure all things with the love we have been given… all to the glory of God.

Take a moment and look at nature and observe the beauty it offers. Then, take another look at the people of God; the Body of Christ in the world and see the harmonious dance of people working together and caring for each other all, to the glory of God.

Peace, my dear friends in Christ,
Pr Tony