What Is God Doing In Your Life?

 April 2019

What is God doing in your life? What did He do with you 138 days ago?

A day passes too quickly. Each time I look at the clock another hour or two have passed and before long, the day and week have come to and end. I cannot tell you what I did on September 23, 2015, which is not a special day, but rather another day in a life of service to our Lord. For that matter I cannot tell you what I did on most days of my life, but we can be assured that our Lord is part of every moment, action, decision, and emotion on each day of our life.

The days we do remember are those filled with special meaning; holidays, family gatherings, life passages and events, birthdays, and of course accidents, crisis, and disasters. The days we do not recall vastly outweigh the days that hold meaning for us; and still, Christ is working every day in our lives to make memories and grant special meaning for others.

A common ordinary day that we live through will pass, and within a short time, will not even be a memory to us. However, when we allow, acknowledge, and accept that God is actively ‘tending and caring’ for His world through us, then our actions become the opportunities to create a memory in another person’s life: quite possibly a memory to last a lifetime.

Kindness, care, compassion, and love are the very elements that our Lord revealed to us (in person) through Jesus Christ. These are the means by which the greatest memories (despite the crisis) are formed, retained, and treasured.

God is working in the world and in each of us ‘all the time’ to bring others into the fold, into the One Body of Christ that glorifies our Heavenly Father, now and forever.

~Pastor Tony