Dreams and Memories

 July 2019

A dear friend shared with me that life should contain more memories than dreams; a worthy and honorable quest for us all. In seminary, when my mind would wander during a long class in the middle of a hot June afternoon, a professor shared the ability to day-dream was a gift and blessing from God. (I was very thankful to hear this!)

Dreams may reflect the plans of our hearts and the motivations of the Holy Spirit. When acted upon and fulfilled, our dreams become memories. When we act upon our dreams with the faith we are granted by God, the result is the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Dreams and memories sustain us as individuals and groups and are able to contribute to our happiness and well-being. Individual dreams often result in vacations where families are celebrated and new cultures might be experienced. Some dreams are too large for a single person and it will take a larger number of participants to make the dream a reality. Furthermore, some dreams may take generations to complete while other dreams continue as long as life itself continues.

Dreams that are inspired by the Holy Spirit will unite people together and celebrate all the unique and divine blessings we have as individuals, communities, and cultures. Because of God’s love for us through Jesus Christ, the dreams of humanity will continue and the memories will grow for all to see. God truly has made His dwelling place with humankind and invites us all to participate in building the Kingdom that will remain forever; a kingdom where all are welcomed, celebrated, and seen as Children of our Heavenly Father.

In Christ, ~Pr. Tony