Food for Thought

 September 2019


Food comes in all varieties, uses, flavors, customs, traditions, and of course; likes and dislikes. What we like may not be good for us, what we dislike might be the very source of good health. A wise and dear friend tells me how we treat our body the first 30 years will determine how our body treats us for the rest of our life.

Food for thought is very similar to food for our bodies. The items, ideas, and elements we focus our thoughts on can move us in creative directions, quiet places, and even destructive paths. An artist will see life as ‘an artist’ with thoughts and images that lead to a visual expression of their talents; sculpture, paintings, and a host of experiences they are able to construct. Chefs and cooks think of new ways to prepare food; teachers think of new ways to offer lessons and materials, doctors think of new ways to treat and care for patients, and the list goes on.

The food we need for life, however; is the spiritual food that our Lord provides to us. The choice to accept this food is entirely our own. The bread of life and the living waters are what our spirits receive when we hear the word of the Lord, receive Holy Communion, and gather with believers to offer our worship and praise to the Lord God Almighty, who has indeed done great things for us. Many people believe they do not need church and can be spiritually healthy on their own. And still, it is the very spiritual health that will drive the health that affect our thoughts and our bodies.

Live for life. Feast on the food that nourishes, sustains, and provides for all dimensions of our life. Consume the heavenly food that allows life to thrive and grants us the strength to love and care for all that God has given to us.

As my wise friend shares, how we treat our body in the beginning of life affects how our body treats us later in life. Likewise, my friends, the formation of our faith and spiritual life directly affects how our faith will serve us… all life long.

~ Pr Tony