October 2019

As I teach a new class this fall at Greensboro College, I am introducing students to a few of the many tests that are offered which attempt to reveal our strengths and weaknesses.

The tests are designed to offer insight into our personality, character, aptitude, ambition, talent, and other facets of our life that allow us to live, work, and grow together. When we review the results of these tests objectively, we have the option to focus on areas where we can improve.

God also tests each of us in ways that reveal where our strengths and weaknesses exist. He does not test us to harm us, but rather to unite us in a community that continues to care, support, and help to one another. When tested, and we find weakness in ourselves, we look for support from those who are able to teach us so we might overcome the next challenge. Where we find strength, we understand that God is providing a resource for others to learn and grow.

In all things, when God tests us, it is for the sake of growing in faith and understanding that God is indeed our Good Shepherd. God wants to be known and wants us to trust in Him. Believing in God is only the beginning of faith, when our faith is tested our relationship with God is strengthened.

Humanity is weak, frail, and vulnerable and cannot overcome the forces and tests of this world; each time God tests us, this is revealed and reinforced. God’s power and might has no limits. When we rely upon God alone for the courage and strength to face our challenges (and the outcomes), we learn that God is our very strength, joy, and peace.

My dear friends in Christ, when we come to the full understanding that God is our Good Shepherd and provides everything, we need to overcome any test, then we truly glorify Him. May we always; “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His steadfast love endures forever.” (Psalm 107)

~Pr. Tony