Give to Live or Live to Give?

 November 2019

In Celebration and Faithful Expression of our Lutheran Faith:
Christ Alone
Scripture Alone
Faith Alone
My dear friends in Christ, how do we see the world around us? Do we live to see life in the world that surrounds us? Or, do we live to see life in a world that attacks, devours, and consumes us? OR, do we indeed live to see what we can ‘give’ for the sake of others and the Church (the Body of Christ in the world) we support?

We have been REDEEMED through the very blood of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God. How do we respond to this gift, this blessing, this pardon? Do we indeed choose to ‘give to live’ or do we ‘live to give’?

Giving is not a stewardship call (it never will be); giving is not a campaign effort (it never can be); giving is not an obligation (it never is!). Giving is indeed and expression of thanks for ALL THAT GOD HAS DONE FOR US by sending His very Son to suffer at the hands of man to die a death of capital punishment for sins He never committed.

When we understand, accept, and acknowledge what God has indeed done for us, we can then (and only then) live to give back to our Lord, our neighbors, and our world that which God has first given us. We can indeed, ‘live to give’ our thanks, support, compassion,
smiles, heart, and care for a world that God has blessed us all with.

If we give to live; we have truly missed the meaning, value, and LIFE of our Lord Jesus Christ in our world. If we give to live, we are struggling in the kingdom of ‘this world’ instead of celebraô€†Ÿng life in the Kingdom of God where we are the recipients of many
generous gifts, words, and actions. We are blessed so through us others may be blessed.

Live to give, my very dear friends in Christ and give thanks for all that God has done for us through Jesus Christ our Lord.

~Pr Tony