Happy New Year

 January 2020

Happy New Year, my very dear friends in Christ,

For many people, a ‘New Year’ is a new opportunity to make changes and resolutions; I offer a challenge to explore new perspectives. This time of year is not my favorite by any means; nature sleeps, temperatures are unpredictable, and the aches of age seem more annoying. Yes, the beauty of a quiet snowfall changes everything, but in Greensboro the wonder of a snow will not last long before the present ‘lifeless’ images return.

And still, there is something to be learned, appreciated, and gained from a ‘changed perspective’. As I was sitting in a waiting room, I found myself looking outside at the image of a large stand of trees without leaves. In the images I saw several ‘bird nests’ in the trees, but again no life. During the spring, summer, and fall then nests are hidden in the dense leaves; but at this time of year they are visible. We can only see these homes when our perspective is changed.

And so, there is a lesson that God teaches us: when we change our perspective, we are given the opportunity to learn, see, and grow. More so, when we change perspective, we can see beauty, life, and blessing where we could not see it before.

When we grow weary of what we see, experience, and hear each day, change your perspective! In a New Year, ask others what ‘they’ are seeing, experiencing and hearing and gift yourself with their perspective. My friends, individually we cannot hold all the answers, but with the help of others, we will understand what it means to be the Body of Christ.

The Body of Christ does support and care for each other! Inviting others to share their view of the same elements we see can give new meaning and reveal more value for the sake of supporting, caring, and celebrating Life Together!

Change your perspective and may we all give thanks for more than ever before, through Jesus Christ our Lord!

~ In Christ, Pastor Tony