2020 An Opportunity To Change Our Perspective

 February 2020


Mistakes, Errors, and Bad Decisions: each of these are opportunities to Grow, Learn, and Improve if we are willing to change our perspective. We all have a unique view of the world and life around us; we have [indeed] a personal understanding of our world as we actively participate in the ‘here and now’. With the help of God, friends, and wisdom we do the best we can; and still, things will go wrong.

We will make decisions that leave an impact (for better or worse). When choices are not as beneficial to us and others, we may find ourselves considering why we acted in the ‘way we did’. And still, mistakes and errors are the very means by which we grow in grace, faith, and relationship with our Lord and one another.

My friends, if there were no mistakes our growth would be severely limited. Mistakes (even those that are catastrophic) may be analyzed for years to come to take us as individuals, groups, and societies to a better place. This is, indeed; ethical living. The worst events to take place are viewed as the means to become better through knowledge; to become better by NOT repeating what happened before but by leveraging the experience of others. We grow together with an understanding that each of us has encountered defeat, which is no longer an obstacle, but now a lesson that become the means and benefit for the sake of those who follow us. Yes my friends, mistakes matter!

The concept of learning from our mistakes is necessary and essential for human relationships and future growth. God is good (all the time), generous, and gracious as we learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. Yes, it is true that some things we ‘must’ learn for ourselves and we MUST make the mistakes on our own, however; we are in the best of company with all children of God who are still learning the best and most welcoming way to proceed in… Life Together.

Yours in Christ,
~Pastor Tony