Honoring Lent

 March 2020

My very dear friends in Christ, when Lent comes around, we think of ‘GIVING UP’ something to honor the season, the tradition, the history, and the context of what our Lord gave up for our very life (moral and eternal). As humans we love to be in control and as Christians we love to believe that it is us who make a difference. Our Lord tells us; from dust we came and to dust we shall return; neither of which reflect how we see our self.

To give something up for Lent will show to others our control and the difference we can indeed make because we give up what is possible. I encourage you to give up ‘the impossible’ for Lent this year. Instead of giving up the traditional items; meat, chocolate, eating out, and other items within your control, give up what you cannot control.

This year for Lent, give up the worry about tomorrow, the anxiety of investments, the uncertainty of economies, the unknown decisions, directions, even deadlines. Give up the impossible dreams, coincidences, and desires that we hope for. Giving up what is possible might reveal our human control while giving up the impossible can reveal the di-vine control in our life.

Lent is not about our sacrifice, it is about our happiness. Lent is about what our Lord endured for our happiness, peace, and security that lasts more than a lifetime. To give up the impossible means allowing the ‘TRUE’ happiness to control our lives [yes], while we are still dust.

Give up the impossible and live beyond the dust.

Lenten blessings, peace, and comfort my friends,
Pastor Tony