Two Kingdoms = Want and Need

 June 2020

Two Kingdoms: Want and Need.

Our Lord comes to us and reveals not only His identity as our Savior and the Son of God; He also comes to reveal our identity as the holy children of God. We are born children of this world and God calls us into a relationship with Him so we might come to know His world.

From the moment of birth, WANTS and NEEDS are also identified in our life. As our relationship with our Lord grows and matures, WANT and NEED changes from a personal perspective to a collective point of view. Children ‘need’; love, food, warmth, rest, shelter, protection, and security (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs). And still, children will display and communicate their wants; more candy, less vegetables, shiny toys, et al. As life continues, ‘wants’ change while ‘needs’ remain the same.

God ensures all our needs are provided for from the moment of birth and on through eternal life. And still, God knows our wants. Jesus declares, “Ask for anything in my name and I will give it to you.” Will we ask for what we need or what we want? Will we ask for what ‘others’ need and what they want? The answer our faith reveals is; both.

The items from this kingdom will pass away: shiny toys, temptation, doubt, sin, vanity. The elements of the Kingdom of God will remain forever: love, food, warmth, rest, shelter, protection, and security. Life begins with praying for ‘wants’ and grows to give thanks for the needs that we are provided for. We pray for the wants of others that will become known to them, as that which they truly, need!

In other words, as our relationship with our Lord grows, strengthens, and matures, we are all moving to a place where we ‘want’ others to see the Kingdom of God, because only is where ‘want’ and ‘need’ become the same.

Pastor Tony