Sharing All Things In Christ

 August 2020


When a child comes home from school with a good grade on a big test or project, when they learn something exciting, when they discover the meaning of an object (they previously took for granted), they want to share. The joy in their mind and body is just too great to keep to themselves and they just have to share. Likewise, when things happen to create concern, sadness, or disappointment, those elements are also too great to keep to themselves.

As adults, we continue this tradition of sharing our excitement when we discover something new; a thrilling, interesting, or thought-provoking movie, a hopeful headline, or the progress of our favorite team moving towards the championship. We cannot keep excitement to ourselves and we need to share. The same is true when ‘we’ experience items of concern; bad news, abnormal results, unwanted diagnoses, and personal difficulties.

We share because life is meant to be shared and supported by one another for our mutual benefit, strength, and care. Our faith is also meant to be shared so it too can benefit, strengthen, and sustain others in times of ‘both’ great joy and concern. When we share our faith and trust in the Lord, we reveal the presence of God in our life, and God’s love for all people in everything they experience.

And children of One Heavenly Father, we are all givers and receivers of God’s compassion through each other; who are The Body of Christ in the world today. Keep sharing and caring through Christ our Lord!

~Pastor Tony