We invite all of you to join us in learning and understanding God's word — The Bible.
We offer a variety of opportunities for Christian Education beginning with weekly Sunday School for all ages from pre-Kindergarten to High School/College groups.
Adult groups meet on Sundays, and Monday afternoons throughout the school year (weekday groups do not meeting during the summer).
Sunday School for all ages at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday.

Below are more study opportunities here at Christ:

SUNDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY: “You Will Be My Witness” examines the spread of Christianity in the early years following Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. Guided by the Holy Spirit, the early church faithfully and courageously carried the good news to all corners of the world. Learn how to be Jesus’ witnesses in today’s world by studying The Acts of the Apostles. (Christ’s Corner)

MONDAY AFTERNOON (1:30 pm): We are reading and discussing selections from the Apocrypha, a collection of quite diverse material, mostly written in the last few centuries before the birth of Christ. These books were included in Christian scripture for many centuries and still remain in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Bibles. Martin Luther included them in his 1534 German translation as an appendix to the Old Testament, and they also appeared in the first edition of the King James Bible in 1611. Gradually, mostly due to Puritan influence, they were omitted from Protestant Bibles. Today, however, there is a renewed interest in them because of the insight they provide into that period between Old Testament and New Testament readings. Everyone is welcome! (Christ’s Corner)

WOMEN’S SATURDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY (10:00 A.M.): This group meets once a month; watch the calendar for specific dates.  If you are interest and seek further information please contact Pat Best at 336-545-8378