Funeral Policy Guidelines
Christ Lutheran Church would like to help you in this time of loss and grief. The pastor is available to walk with you in the process of passing of your loved one as well as in planning a funeral or memorial service. As you deal with your grief and adjustment to life, the pastor is also ready to be with you.
This information is designed to guide you through the process of planning a funeral or memorial service. It should answer your questions, but the pastor is available to answer any others that may arise.
Funeral and memorial services are a chance to celebrate the life of your loved one and the hope and promise of resurrection we have in Jesus Christ. They also provide a time to grieve with others who have known and loved your loved one.
Contacting the Church
When a death is near or one occurs, please call the church office at 336 288 4482. This will allow a visit to be set up so that planning can be done together for a service. It is helpful if local family members are also available to discuss the plans.
Scheduling the Date, Time, and Location
Funerals may be held at the church which seats 200 people. A time of visitation is often held prior to the service at the funeral home or at the church following the service. If there is a burial, the service continues at the graveside. Before information is shared, both the funeral home and the pastor are consulted to be sure the timing will work.
Planning the Service
The pastor will assist the family members in planning the service. Holy Communion may be included in the service. The Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal includes the funeral service to be used. The pastor will guide the planning process which also includes choosing scripture and hymns to be used. Special music may be included upon consultation with the pastor and musician. A list of possible scriptures and hymns are available upon request. The pastor and musician will be glad to help in the selection of both scripture and hymns in the planning session.
Service Bulletin
If the selected Funeral Home does not provide a ‘service bulletin’, the church secretary will produce a bulletin for use in the service. This bulletin will contain the order of service and if not in the hymnal, the words to congregational hymns. It may also include the place of burial, the pallbearers’ names, an invitation to a reception following the funeral/interment, a short biography of the deceased, a meaningful poem or scripture, and a photo if provided in time.  This information should be sent to the church secretary at
Christ Lutheran will provide the organist and soloist if requested. If an unfamiliar piece of music is requested and has been approved by the pastor and musician, the sheet music must be provided for the musician/soloist.
The officiating pastor and musicians are paid by the family on an honorarium basis. Checks should be made out to each individual, and payment to be made before or on the day of the funeral.
Suggested honorarium amounts are:
Pastor $125.00 - $ 200.00
Musician $  85.00 - $ 150.00
Soloist $  50.00 - $   75.00
Video Streamist $  50.00

Christ Lutheran Church will lovingly accept any memorials made to the church and will designate their use in accordance with the family’s wishes.
Upon request of the family and consultation with the Pastor, a modest reception will be prepared for those attending the service and will follow the service or the interment. An approximate number of expected attendees should be given to the Pastor or church secretary so that sufficient refreshments are available.
The Day of the Service
The funeral home will take care of bringing the casket or ashes to the church prior to the service. The pastor will coordinate with the funeral home so that arrangements go smoothly. If desired, Christ Lutheran will provide a guest book stand (The book is provided by the family.), a table to display memorabilia, and memorial envelopes.

A private area will be reserved for family members to meet with the pastor five to ten minutes prior to the service. This time is used for prayer and reviewing the processional order and service.
Greensboro Area Funeral Homes
Allen & Associates Mortuary/Cremation 336.378.1440
Perry Brown 336.272.6109
Forbis & Dick 336.275.8408
George Brothers 336.547.8000
Hanes Lineberry    336.365.8765
Hargett Funeral Service 336.273.8293
Lambeth Troxler 336.273.3401
Serenity Funeral Home/Cremations 336.907.8085
Information updated July 2023