Wedding Policy Guidelines
Christ Lutheran Church Wedding Policy Guidelines  
Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. We are pleased that you would like to be married at Christ Lutheran. We look forward to working with you. In the Lutheran understanding of marriage, a marriage is a lifelong covenant. This covenant is made before God and your assembled friends and relatives in the context of a worship service.
Preliminary Arrangements
The first step is to make an appointment with the pastor. Ideally this would be done six months in advance of the wedding date. This conversation happens before your wedding is added to the church calendar. This meeting gives us the opportunity to see that your understanding of the wedding is in accord with that of the church. We invite you to worship at Christ Lutheran so that you may experience what a Lutheran service is like.

In scheduling weddings, church members have priority if there is a conflict over dates. If you are not a member of Christ Lutheran, please consult the pastor about your desire to be married here.

The Pastor of this church will officiate at all weddings. At the invitation of the Pastor, a guest minister may assist or, on occasion, conduct a wedding.

Since a wedding is a worship service, the music will be appropriate for a church service. This music is chosen in consultation with the pastor and the director of music. The purpose of the wedding music is to glorify and praise God. There is a wide variety of music that does these things and is available for use at weddings. The director of music can offer choices for you to hear in a consultation prior to the wedding. Secular music may be used at receptions or other events.

If you want to include a soloist or a congregational hymn in the service, please talk with the church musician at your meeting. You should also confirm that the organist is available for the date you and the Pastor have agreed upon.

Because we want to make your wedding a meaningful and memorable occasion, the following guidelines have been established to help assure and preserve the beauty, dignity, and atmosphere which surround the service.
The wedding will be held in the sanctuary which seats 200.

The altar and baptismal font are not to be moved as they are central to Lutheran worship. Care should be taken so that no property is damaged in setting up or taking down any special additions (for example extra candles or flowers) for the service. A runner may be used if desired. Dressing rooms are available for the wedding party.

It is the responsibility of the wedding party to set up and clean up any spaces they have used. Furniture should be returned to the arrangement before any use and any items used that are to be disposed of should be boxed and placed in the hall for disposal.

Although precautions will be taken to assure the safety of your possessions, the church cannot be responsible if any personal items belonging to the wedding party are lost, stolen, or damaged.

There will be no smoking in the church. Alcoholic beverages may not be used on church premises at any time, and no one under the influence of alcohol may take part in the wedding or rehearsal.

Rice or confetti may not be thrown inside or outside the church. Birdseed and/or bubbles are acceptable outside the church.

The sanctuary has been designed and furnished with symbols of the Christian faith so that it may be a place of reverent worship with a minimum of flowers. The use of flowers and decorations should be discussed with the pastor before any final arrangements are made with the florist.

The florist will make arrangements with the secretary so that the building will be open to set up for the wedding and a specific time for clean-up shall also be established.

Having Holy Communion as a part of the wedding service is suggested, but not required. If Holy Communion is to be celebrated, it will be offered to everyone in attendance.
Because the wedding is a worship service, there will be no flash photography during the service. Time exposures may be made from the extreme rear of the sanctuary. Pictures of the wedding party may be made immediately before or after the service. This should be planned with the photographer so that the wedding party may proceed to the reception as soon as possible after the service.

Please instruct family and friends that pictures are not to be taken during the service. Ushers will notify guests to stop if such things occur. Furniture is not to be rearranged or pictures moved for pictures to be made.

Normally wedding rehearsals are held the evening before the wedding and all of the wedding party should be in attendance. If a member of the party is late, it is the responsibility of the other members of the wedding party to share the necessary information. This rehearsal usually lasts about 45 minutes.  The Pastor will lead the rehearsal and answer any questions that may arise.
Receptions may be held in the Fellowship Hall and arrangements for this should be made at the same time the wedding date is confirmed with the pastor. Time for setting up should be coordinated through the church secretary.
For Members
The following fees are charged to members using Christ Lutheran Church facilities for weddings:
Pastor                                $200.00             
Organist                  $175.00
Soloist $    50.00 - $  75.00
Please make checks payable to those individuals for their services rendered.
For Non-members
The following fees are charged to non-members using Christ Lutheran Church facilities for weddings:
Pastor $200.00
CLC Orgainist $200.00
Use of Sanctuary $200.00
Use of Fellowship Hall $  50.00 (if used for dressing)
Use of Fellowship Hall & Kitchen  $200.00 (if used for reception)
Please make checks payable to “Christ Lutheran Church” and designate on the check that it is for “wedding expenses.”

Payments for Church Expenses and Individuals are due before or on the Rehearsal day
Contact Information
                 Pastor:                          The Reverend Tony P. VanCura
                                                          Office phone 336-288-4482
                                                         Cell phone    407-765-2822

Organist                          Helen Weiss Phelps

            Secretary:                                           Secretary                         
                                                        Office phone  336-288-4482

Information updated November 2023